Version 1.03 Now Available!

The analytics don't support me continuing to work on this, but I felt like some improvements couldn't hurt.

New and changed stuff! Favorites/biggies in bold.

Ver 1.03 Notes:
-Added restart option to pause menu
-Added colorize option to settings menu
-Solid collision changes and improvements
-Altered "stair stepping" snap on jumping up steps
-Changed crusher ceiling in 2nd sub-boss to push player instead of instakill
-Improved other menus
-Slightly adjusted camera speeds
-Added grace period for jumps off ledges (5 frames)
-Spikes made much more generous in hitbox
-Made shine animation on spikes vary more
-Secret Creepy Room adjustments (???)


Version 1.03 (.exe) 6 MB
79 days ago

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(1 edit)

Secret Creepy Room? 👀

Edit: found it. Nice.

I was quite sure if I didn't note that I changed it in the patch notes that no one would ever find it lol

I also found the other secret room. Are there any others?

Unless I completely forgot, there should be one secret room in Stage 1, and two between Stage 3 and the Final Boss for a total of three, but you may count those second two as one