Version 1.02 Now Available

This is an extremely quick patch but I found one more easily fixable bug so I've gone ahead and done so.

Version 1.02 is now out.

-Removed hidden ceilings from certain stages that had erroneous collision preventing player from spawning correctly.

-Find patch notes for 1.01 below, since this post will knock it off.


I know this is a small game and all, but I can't stand bugs and problems staying out there stinking and stanking so here's a patch.

Version 1.01 is now out.

-Fixes a problem with the first boss killing you while in the overkill state

-Slightly buffed jump height

-Adjusted collision on death spikes

-Other small bug fixes


God_I_Hate_Wasps_1-0-2.exe 6 MB
95 days ago

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